Colin Ricketts

Colin-Ricketts-cardiff-web-design400Colin is a writer of all sorts.

He used to be a journalist on a newspaper in the Forest of Dean. He rose from the muddy depths of editorial assistant (that’s the person who types in your angry letters) to the giddy heights of senior reporter when his editor spotted that he was a “natural writer” and he turned up one day with a story that went as far as Japan. That was pure luck – a girl who lived next door to him miraculously survived a fall of several thousand feet when a parachute failed to open – but he learned to write well, listen to and interview people, manage contributors, edit and sub-edit, proof read and do all sorts of exciting deadline-thrashing, newsroom-shocking and front-page-holding things. He never tapped a phone, opened a bin bag or even misquoted anyone on a small community paper that successfully campaigned to save two local hospitals. He learned to pitch his writing to an audience, to say things simply and to write with impact.

Since moving to Cardiff in 2008 he’s taken his keyboard freelance. As a journalist he’s had pieces published by The Guardian, The Quietus and Big Issue Cymru. He’s also written all sorts of commercial content and copy for every sort of client and agency. He’s blogged, ghost-written, provided web copy, sales materials, SEO pages… you name it. He’s currently features editor for a south Wales magazine publisher so occasionally gets to do fun things like interviewing The Saturdays.

He can tell your story or fill your pages with informative, entertaining copy that people will want to read. If you’ve got some copy you’d like sprucing up he loves editing and proofing and has done so for several clients. Words are something of an obsession and obsessives tend to do good work.

Oh, he is fascinated by social media and marketing too and can Tweet and update with the best of them. Sadly, Colin is also a qualified librarian.