Ed Buchan

Ed is a content author and web designer who specialises in search engine optimisation (SEO). Ed has produced content for a wide variety of clients, ranging from websites for small businesses such as tradesmen and shop owners to leading online publications.

If you want your website to rank well in order for you to be seen by prospective clients, associates or any other traffic you may be targeting, you will need strategically optimised content on your website, something that Ed has been producing for over five years. Ed will use his knowledge to draw up an in-depth keyword and key phrase analysis for your website, which will act as a foundation for your content and which will give you the maximum exposure to search engines.

It’s all well and good producing content for your website that makes it rank high on searches, and which brings in the visitors but it is equally important to have something worth reading when they arrive. All too often, web designers and website owners are guilty of ‘writing for Google’. Sure, you need optimised content but it has to interest your readers. Ed can produce content in a range of voices and tones to suit your website’s needs, as well as creating text that will keep the reader engaged, while delivering your chosen message.

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