SEO Copywriting – Block

£600.00 £450.00


This is the same service as our individual SEO Copywriting price but for new build websites or for existing clients looking to increase their reach at an exceptional low cost.

Why waste money on poorly targetted Adwords, when you haven’t invested in creating the correct content for people to see?
You may not even have to spend a penny (like ourselves) on advertising after your initial investment.
We understand that the bulk of the time should be spent before even a single word is written on research and understanding your product and your market, for this reason it is a better use of time to write many pages, each targeted to a specific keyword, in order to increase your results.
The bad news is you may not get top of Google with your main keyword … at first, or if its very competitive, not at all but hold back the tears…
The good news is with several well researched, well written pages or posts, written around lesser keywords, you may well find you have more than enough business to deal with, even if you don’t get the main keyword you originally wanted.

We would suggest 10 pages of content, each focused on a specific keyword or phrase at a knock down price of £450.


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