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Content Management Systems

The most popular choice for today’s websites by far, content management systems, or dynamic websites, offer incredible value for people with something to say. A CMS Website is suitable for your business or for musicians, artists, film makers and anyone who needs to regularly update the website with the latest news, releases and more. Due to the amazing amount you can now do thanks to the work of open source software developers, the power of publishing on the internet is readily available for everyone.

For people who are new to content management systems they are simply websites that you can log in to, in the same way as you may log in to Facebook and you can update with your own blog posts, webpages, images, videos and online forms. Content Management Systems normally allow you to publish member only content, available by logging into the site and can be put to almost any purpose.

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The most popular and arguably the best content management systems are


Initially seen as blogging software, WordPress has developed and matured in to what we feel at Cardiff Web Design is usually the best choice for most clients. As the most popular cms system on the web, it benefits from a massive community of thousands of developers and probably millions of users. Reasons for its popularity are its easy to use wysiwyg editor, ability to include additional, often free software plugins and availability of great theme designs. WordPress has a great commenting facility and out of the box is well SEO optimised.


Is probably the second largest cms on the net. Joomla is a great choice for businesses and has been very popular with Schools, Colleges and Youth Groups in Cardiff, Wales and across the world. Joomla features an incredible amount of control over management of members to the site, enabling you to choose what the members view and users can edit or change. Designed from its inception to look like a traditional website, many people prefer this cms due to its association with serious web projects.


Used across Wales and the UK and of course worldwide within Educational establishments. It is the no 1 choice for learning open source cms, offering the same facilities as the popular Blackboard paid for solution but without the need to pay license fees. Cardiff Web Design can also integrate Moodle with Joomla, providing a single sign in solution for educational establishments who want the best of both systems.


Possibly the programmers choice, due to its flexibility and initial learning curve, Drupal is probably the third biggest CMS system on the internet.  The cms system is extremely expandable and customisable and comes in a core distribution which includes features such as multi site support, user profiles and openID support.  Drupal also benefits from a large community of very enthusiastic developers and a great online community.

Changing to another CMS

Sometimes people make the wrong choice in CMS.  Don’t feel you will lose what you have, if you switch. We can also help convert your data from one CMS to another, making the transition painless for you.

Commercial Enterprise CMS

For large commercial enterprise internet sites there is also an incredible amount of licensed solutions, such as Microsoft Sharepoint.

We are happy to help you choose the best cms for you and for larger projects we have links to specialist consultants who are experienced in the system you presently use.

CMS Training

As part of the service we are happy to provide training in person and on site as well as distance learning for your employees for all websites we develop for you.  We are also happy to help train your staff on how to use and improve your existing cms.