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What business can survive today without social media?  If you are managing your social media marketing effectively it can bring tremendous results to your business or career.  Unfortunately,  poorly managed social media accounts can also have a adverse effect on your business.  Cardiff Web Design have years of experience, managing social media accounts from small local businesses in Wales to internationally successful music industry accounts.

Not to fear though, Cardiff Web Design are here to help you see the common mistakes with a few common sense solutions to aid you on your journey in the social media world. We will focus on Facebook and Twitter for the purpose of this article but we can provide a full social media management strategy covering YouTube, Pintrest, Google +, LinkedIn and many others.

Facebook Social Media Management Cardiff

Common Social Media Pitfalls

The Social Media Graveyard

Many companies and small businesses set up Facebook and Twitter accounts as they know they need a social media strategy but they initially fail to gain business due to inexperience from the accounts and very often the account is left dead.  This does you no favours whatsoever.  It insults customers and potential clients when they receive no reply after attempting to contact you via social media .

Imagine if someone spoke to you in person and you completely ignored them. How would they react?  How would you feel if you rang someone, left messages and they never called you back?  This is what happens on social media every day with poorly managed social media accounts with the account owners completely unaware of the effect this is having.

Automated Social Media Accounts

Another self defeating strategy we often see is the autobot accounts managed by software.  This is predominant on Twitter more than anywhere else but also effects the other social networks.

We don’t use automated software or scheduled tweets at all … anywhere.

Why is that?  Social Media is similar to a conversation, you ask a question in a conversation, when the person answers, you quickly respond with an appropriate answer.  Automated software cannot do this and people very quickly suss this out and unlike your page or unfollow your Twitter account.  Scheduled tweets sent three times or even worse every hour will often alienate your audience as they soon realise that there is no one at the helm.

One of the greatest powers of social media is the speed at which it can move and react to events in the world.  It is a recognised fact that news now breaks first on Twitter before any news channel and as such all news channels constantly monitor social media accounts.  When a topic that is relevant to your business is trending, a real person can tap into this, while automated software is tweeting yesterdays news and just creating more white noise in an already crowded platform.

The traditional way of marketing via television and radio is to broadcast your message to as large an audience as possible and many people try to apply this to the new medium. Social Media isn’t like that and the old ways of marketing don’t work here.  A person has to be on hand to answer promptly and manage the account for spam and negative comments and has to be adept with people in order to handle them and avoid social media disasters.  What is the point of having an automated account with thousands of automated bot followers?  Our real people can help you reach the real people who are relevant to you and can help you in the most effective way to achieve success.

Linked Social Media Accounts.

Each social media platform has it’s own characteristics and advantages and way of communicating and you need to bear this in mind. By linking your accounts you will turn off many people and may cause damage to your business.  We have seen examples where people in business have linked the accounts to their personal Facebook profile, forgotten about it and have tweeted arguments and personal information to the world without knowing it.

Add to this the fact that when your Facebook post appears on Twitter, it clearly shows that it is from Facebook by the fb link which is usually attached to it.  Twitter also imposes a 140 character limit on your messages and your posts often appear truncated.  This sends the clear message that there is no-one home on Twitter and people will leave or even worse may attempt to communicate with you and you will have no idea what business or contacts your are losing.

A Facebook profile normally is your circle of friends and acquaintances that you have met in real life and have then sent a friend request on the platform.  Facebook is very personal and normally contains a lot of  information on you and your family which you may not want the world to see.  Most people are careful about who they allow to join their network and you may consider carefully your actions before sending a friend request. As such, a Facebook Page should be set up for your business which contains information that is meant to be public and is separate from your personal life.

Twitter on the other hand is the opposite to this.  It is built to be open and your tweets can reach a large audience of people you have never had any previous contact with.  This is one of the reasons why it is so good for increasing your business or achieving your personal goals.  As opposed to Facebook, on Twitter people you have never met will appreciate it when you follow them and show an interest in what they are saying.  Twitter has a fantastic search facility that will enable you to quickly find people with similar interests in your area or in Countries you may never visit.

A common saying on Twitter is, ‘Facebook makes you hate people you actually knowTwitter makes you love people you‘ve never met.’  This may well be an exaggeration but you should remember to treat both formats in a different way and take full advantage of both mediums in order to avoid these common social media pitfalls.

A Complete Social Media Management Service

Cardiff Web Design offer you a complete managed, social media service which at present includes, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google +, Google Pages and YouTube.  Pintrest, LinkedIn, the new Myspace and other social networks will follow in time.

Each of these formats have their own advantages, disadvantages and mode of conduct.  We feel that your social media strategy should reach out to people to lead them to read your website content, which has no limitations and can project exactly the image you need.

Pages or posts should be published first on your website, exactly how you want them to be, and our team of Copywriters can help you to achieve this effectively with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind.  A large factor in where Google decides to rank your website is how busy it is and how many relevant and authoritive backlinks there are to it from other sites.   All public social networks are indexed by search engines and as such, a great way to get your website off to a good start is to drive traffic (lead people. lest we forget), from your social network to the site with co-ordinated posts and tweets.

Why not contact Cardiff Web Design today to see how much we can help you achieve with a managed social media programme?

We also are happy to offer consultancy and to teach your existing staff on how to get the best results from the internet.