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Promotional Video Production

Cardiff Web Design are proud to  provide a professional promotional business video production service for businesses from Cardiff , South Wales to as far as Lampeter and Carmarthen in West Wales. If you are in business and you do not have a promotional video on YouTube, you need to act now to claim your place before the competition does.

A promotional video will help you gain the advantage over your competitors and gain valuable search engine listings above them. It achieves this for the following reasons:

Promotional Video Production Cardiff Wales

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

We all know Google is by far the biggest search engine in the world but did you know YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world?  … and Google has bought YouTube … don’t you think they will start giving preference to websites  which include video content over those which do not?

When you claim your Google Places account, they ask you for the link to your business video, have you got one yet?  It will help you reach a larger audience.

Video is the future of the Internet

Don’t get left behind, as broadband gets ever faster and wireless networks increase the speed of data transfer, video and interactive video is becoming more and more common.  Future proof your business by acting now to take advantage of the improvements in this medium.

Promotional Videos are good for your SEO (search engine optimisation)

We know websites are ranked higher in search engines when they have a lot of people visiting them and also when they have links from other websites with a lot of authority.   Google gives a high authority to YouTube.  When we upload your promotional business video,  we will maximise your message by including links to your website and social networking.

Look below and you can see the same rules apply to YouTube as they do for website search engine optimisation.  You need to ensure the title of the video is keyword friendly and reflects the audience you are looking to attract.  In this example we are optimising for the keywords ‘mobile discos cardiff’, ‘mobile wedding dj cardiff’ and ‘mobile disco dj cardiff’ as well as other popular search terms which are relevant to the business.

YouTube gives this opportunity to lead visitors from your video, to your website and social networking to increase and reinforce the impact of your message and /or make a sale.  This will also help your main site rank higher.

Promotional Video Production SEO Cardiff

How much will a promotional video cost?

Promotional Business Video £500 limited offer

For a professionally recorded video of a similar standard to the example above, it would cost £1,000.

This includes a team of two or three people for the shoot, video post production and titling, video effects and of course correct descriptions for YouTube and or Vimeo.

For a limited time we can offer this at a 50% discount, which will reduce this to £500.

Other Video Services

Wedding Videography £900

This price is for our most popular wedding video and can be shot in a style of your choice such as ‘cinematic’.  You can also add extra services such as preparation and pre-production, 1st dance, etc.

Music Video

Contact us to discuss the project and we will happily advise an estimated price.

Craig Bradley ft Bethanie – E-Motion

Whatever video project you have in mind.  Contact Cardiff Web Design for an internet video service which will enhance your existing web strategy and produce fantastic results for you and your business.