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Static HTML Websites

Sometimes a CMS website may not be appropriate for you. A popular myth is that CMS websites are not ‘bespoke’ websites tailored to you. This is untrue. Anything that can be done on a static HTML and CSS website can also be achieved on a dynamic CMS website, although this takes much longer to design and implement. If you are looking for a truly individual and innovative design from scratch and the website will remain ‘static’ with few updates planned than a HTML and CSS website could be the best choice.

Static non-dynamic HTML and CSS websites are quick to develop for small sites of only a few pages. Each page is constructed individually by the web designer and if changes are needed to the site then you would normally need to contact your Cardiff Web Design designer to make these changes for you unless you are confident at hacking HTML markup language yourself.

Other reasons for implementing static websites are:

Quick Websites

Our websites often start off as one page holding sites. If people are going to see this, then a good looking one page website can be achieved quickly, while we take more time to integrate your chosen design into a CMS theme, which involves considerably more work and programming skills.

Speedy Websites

With a static HTML site, there is no clever programming and no constant function calls to a database. So the website will normally load much faster. If your website will be seen by a large amount of people and you are on a limited budget for server space your users may appreciate this.

Website Security

Static HTML sites normally have no clever functionality which can be taken advantage of by malicious users and are normally very safe to leave with little or no maintenance.

Dynamic websites are usually quickly attacked by what we popularly know as ‘hackers’. They use a number of means to get into the management system and or the attached database that drives it. As such we would recommend you update your software regularly or allow us to manage it and provide a regular backup service for you.

HTML5 and CSS3 and Javascript development websites

If your looking to implement cutting edge trickery in HTML5 and CSS3 and want each page to implement something very different, it may not be worth converting all this code to work within a dynamic website. A static HTML site would be the best choice to implement.

Prototype Websites

For an innovative design built from scratch, the site would almost always be built in static HTML and CSS first, this would then be converted to a theme or template to use with a dynamic website.

Whatever you need to achieve, Cardiff Web Design are happy to talk to you about the best option for you and advice is free of charge. Contact us early to help plan the best results from your web strategy.